Privacy Policy

Updated on November 24, 2023.

Data Collected by One Lens Two
  1. If you encounter an error while visiting the website, then information about your device is stored. This information consists of a description of the web browser that you used while on the website and the device's IP address. The information is used by One Lens Two to improve the operation of the website.
  2. Some of the tools on the website, such as the Time-lapse Video Duration Calculator, may store the information that you provide. This information is used by One Lens Two to improve the tools.
  3. The information that you submit when communicating with One Lens Two, such as when submitting a message on the Contact Us page, is stored so that One Lens Two can respond to your communication. The IP address of the device used to submit the communication is also stored which One Lens Two may use to restrict website access of hackers, bots and malware.
  4. The website uses cookies, a database and website programming to collect and store the information described above. Only one person at One Lens Two has access to the password protected database.
  5. The information described above is used solely by One Lens Two. The information is not shared with any parties outside of One Lens Two, except if required by law.
Data Collected by Google AdSense
  1. Google displays advertisements on this website. Data collection for these advertisements is performed by the Google AdSense program. You can learn more about Google's data collection policy here.

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