An article about super zooming a partial solar eclipse.

Super Zooming a Partial Solar Eclipse

Do you want to get great close-up photographs and videos of a partial solar eclipse? This article will cover the basics including lens focal lengths, filters and settings along with some sample pictures from the October 14, 2023 eclipse.
Super Zoom Variety Episode 2

Super Zoom Variety Episode 2

What's better than watching a video of a super zoom? Watching a video with a whole bunch of super zooms! Episode 2 of the Super Zoom Variety video series include 10 new super zooms shot with the Nikon COOLPIX P1000 camera. And this time we zoom up to 12000mm (digital)!
Superzooming in on skydivers

Super Zooming in on Skydivers

Skydivers jumping out of airplanes 3 miles in the sky are almost impossible to see. Heck the plane is hard to see! But with the Nikon COOLPIX P1000 super zoom camera, we can see all the action up there while we're standing safely on the ground.
Zooming in on hikers in the Grand Canyon

Zoom in on Hikers in the Grand Canyon

Let's see how close we can get to hikers down below in the Grand Canyon using the Nikon P1000's 3000mm optical zoom. Then we'll apply an insane digital zoom to get a magnification of 840x! Oh, and there's a peculiar giant rock down there.
Super zoom camera tests article

Super Zoom Variety Episode 1

A collection of 14 different super zoom video clips and picture sets from the Nikon COOLPIX P1000 camera. From the land to the sky to the sea, check out what the P1000 can do at its maximum focal length of 3000mm in different locations and shooting conditions.
Zoom Cameras List for 2023

List of Zoom Cameras for 2023

Here's my list of super zoom cameras that you can buy as of July 2023. It includes each camera's specifications for the things that are important for zoom photography and videography. And you can sort the list by different criteria so the cameras that have what you need are at the top of the list.