Time-lapse Video Duration Calculator

Time-lapse Video Duration Calculator

This calculator will tell you how long to let your camera record in time-lapse mode so that the resulting video is the duration that you want. It will also calculate how fast the motion in the resulting video will be as well as the number of frames that will be in your in the video.
Phoenix Sky Harbor's Biggest Airplane

British Airways 747 in the Skies Over Phoenix

A Boeing 747-400 used to ferry passengers on British Airways Flight #289 from London Heathrow to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Follow the 747 through the skies over Phoenix as it descends, lands and taxis to the gate.
Fostoria Iron Triangle Railpark Review

Fostoria Iron Triangle Railpark

A look at what it's like to watch trains from a city park in Fostoria, OH with a covered viewing platform that was developed specifically for watching trains. At the intersection of three main rail lines, you'll see a lot of trains! And did I really see a jet train?
Cedar Point Skyhawk Ride Review

Cedar Point Skyhawk Ride Review

Think youíve been on really a big swing set? Think again unless youíve experienced the thrill of the Skyhawk ride at the Cedar Point Amusement Park or Xtreme Swing at the Valleyfair Amusement Park. These swings will take you 12 stories into the air at up to 65 miles per hour!
Carowinds Roller Coasters Fast and Slow Motion

Carowinds Roller Coasters in Fast and Slow Motion

Watch nine of the biggest and fastest roller coasters at Carowinds Amusement Park in slow motion, fast motion and regular speed. After seeing all of the terrifying maneuvers that these roller coasters take their riders through, would you ride them?
Butterfield Stagecoach Ride at Knotts Berry Farm topic

Knotts Berry Farm Stagecoach Ride

Where can you ride an authentic 1800ís stagecoach pulled by a team of four horses? Knotts Berry Farm amusement park! Read about the ride and what to expect in this article that contains a POV video of the stagecoach ride shot from the top of the carriage.