An article about the Space Shuttle Endeavour on display at the California Science Center

Space Shuttle Endeavour on Display

See Endeavour at the California Science Center. This historic spacecraft looks just as it did after its final mission in May 2011 with all of the stains, wear and damage that Endeavour withstood to get to space and return to earth.
Los Angeles street super zoom article

Los Angeles Street Super Zoom

Zooming in to the streets of Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory high up on Mount Hollywood with the Nikon COOLPIX P1000 ultrazoom camera. With a magnification of 125X, how close can we get?
The 301 feet tall swing ride called WindSeeker at Carowinds Amusement Park.

The WindSeeker at Carowinds

Swing rides are cuteÖ but not when they are 301 feet tall like the WindSeeker at Carowinds Amusement Park. Ride it during the day for amazing views and ride it at night to ascend into the darkness. Go ahead, get on. Itís just a swing rideÖ
NYC From Eagle Rock with the P900

Zooming in on Manhattan with the Nikon P900 Camera

Zooming in on Manhattan buildings in New York City and other area landmarks from 13 miles away at the Eagle Rock Observation Deck in West Orange, NJ with the Nikon COOLPIX P900 superzoom camera.
Big Boy Number 4014 steam locomotive

Union Pacific Big Boy No. 4041 Steam Train

Union Pacificís Big Boy No. 4014 is the biggest operational steam train in the world. Big Boy proved to be a Rockstar based on the size of the crowds that showed up to see as it as it travelled through Tucson, Benson and Vail Arizona in October 2019.
Topic: The beauty and power of clouds

The Beauty and Power of Clouds

We usually canít perceive it, but clouds are constantly in a state of motion, growing, changing shape and ultimately disappearing into nothingness. Using this videography trick, we can see the secret life of clouds as they silently travel across the sky above us.