Time-lapse Video Duration Calculator

Time-lapse Video Duration Calculator

Last Updated: 2020-01-04

This calculator will tell you how long to let your camera record in time-lapse mode so that the resulting video is the duration that you want. It will also calculate how fast the motion in the resulting video will be. And it will tell you how many frames will be in your time-lapse video.

Desired Playback Duration:
Enter the duration of the video that you want to create. This is how long you want the video to be when you play it back. Hours, minutes and seconds are entered as whole numbers.

Playback Frame Rate:
Frames per Second:
Enter the playback frame rate or frames per second (fps). Cameras often have more than one fps settings for creating videos, so be sure to check your camera. Enter the number of frames as a whole number. So a frame rate of 29.97 would be entered as 30 and a frame rate of 59.4 fps would be entered as 60.

Recording Frame Rate:
One frame every
Check the time-lapse (interval) recording settings on your camera to see how frequently it will record an image. Common time-lapse recording rates options are one frame every second, one frame every 30 seconds and one frame every minute. Note that this is not the playback frames per second. You can specify that next.

This calculator is for recreational purposes only and is not warranted to be accurate in every situation. You should create test videos using the results of the calculator and confirm the accuracy of the results before making your final video. This calculator is Copyright One Lens Two. All rights reserved. This calculator and its supporting material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or reverse engineered in whole or in part without the expressed written authorization from One Lens Two.

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